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SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY  Selected writings by Justin Stone from 1985 to 1997 on T'ai Chi Chih practice and Eastern philosophy.

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Private T'ai Chi Chih Lessons Online


T'AI CHI CHIH: Serenity in the Midst of Activity DVD by Pam Towne, Accredited Instructor for over 25 years. Clear, easy-to-follow instruction in how to do the 20 gentle movements of this Moving Meditation. Professionally produced in a beautiful outdoor setting with soothing flute background music. Enjoy the benefits of T'ai Chi Chih practice with one of the world's best instructors in the comfort of your own home! (56 min)


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If you know the movements but would still like the audio with verbal instruction and background flute music, this is a great choice for devices with limited space for downloads. If you’d like audio support for your practice, then this is just the thing for you!

CDs by Justin Stone




BEING PEACE music CD by Marina Raye. Native flutes with cello. Music to calm, soothe and inspire you to be the heart of peace. (60 min)





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SPECIAL OFFER: Order Pam Towne's AND Justin Stone's T'ai Chi Chih DVD (101 & 201)

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Music CDs - Ideal music for practicing T’ai Chi Chih!





6 Lessons over Skype: Prepare for teacher accreditation, or fine-tune your practice (6 lessons at $50/ea) 

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 Books by Justin Stone

T'AI CHI CHIH: Joy Thru Movement DVD by Justin Stone, Originator of T'ai Chi Chih. Definitive instruction in this gentle art by the man who originated this modern form of T'ai Chi. Practice session is done by 4 accredited teachers, accompanied by original music of Justin Stone. (90 min)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR SENIORS OVER 60! (save $7.95 on each DVD) You can order additional DVD's at this great price for your friends and family.

Private lessons with Pam Towne offer you the opportunity of working with one of the world's finest T'ai Chi Chih instructors in your own home. As a beginning student, you will benefit from immediate feedback which can prevent or correct misconceptions on how to move. As an advanced student, your practice can take a quantum leap in understanding and embodying the principles of T'ai Chi Chih. 

Pam has been teaching T'ai Chi Chih since being accredited by Justin Stone in 1984.  She has been accrediting T'ai Chi Chih instructors internationally since being appointed by Justin as a Teacher Trainer in 2001. 

Once you have ordered your lesson(s), you will be contacted by Pam via email or phone to set up a mutually convenient time. You will need access to the internet and a Skype account. 

MEDITATION FOR HEALING, Comparison of and different effects of many different forms of meditation, including the moving meditation of T'ai Chi Chih. 

1 Lesson over Skype: Prepare for teacher accreditation, or fine-tune your practice


T'AI CHI CHIH: Joy thru Movement (book) By Justin Stone. Photo-text presents full instruction in the 20 simple yet profound movements that circulate & balance internal energy. Background & philosophy included. (99 pages)

3 Lessons over Skype: Prepare for teacher accreditation, or fine-tune your practice (3 lessons at $60/ea)



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SEATED T'AI CHI CHIH DVD: by Sandy McAlister. The movements of T'ai Chi Chih are taught from a seated position with detailed instruction on weight shifting while sitting down. Instruction is followed by a full practice session with guidance and soft music.  
(71 min)


Share the gift of T'ai Chi Chih with your friends and family. 
Order a 3-Pack of Pam Towne's DVDs (a savings of over $23!)


LIQUID SILK music CD by Marina Raye. Native flutes with sounds of nature. A meditative journey into the heart of peace. (60 min)


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RADIANCE - new music CD by Marina Raye. Native flute music to  soothe, nurture and heal. (60 min) 

JUSTIN STONE SPEAKS on T'AI CHI CHIH (CD) Justin discusses the origin & benefits of T'ai Chi Chih practice, plus it's deeper spiritual & metaphysical aspects. He also answers questions like, "Why is it important to focus in the soles of the feet." (45 min)


T'ai Chi Chih DVDs and private lessons by Pam Towne

Books, DVDs and CDs by Justin Stone

​Music CDs by Marina Raye

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