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T'ai Chi Chih

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 Tai Chi Probably Best Exercise to Prevent Falls for Seniors

says Dr. Elizabeth Eckstrom, professor and chief of geriatrics at Oregon Health & Science University. Click here to read more

T’ai Chi Chih, an Evidence Based Mindfulness Practice: Literature Review

​​Written by: Marilyn Anita Vestal 2017

Abbreviated Abstract: T’ai Chi Chih (TCC) is a moving meditation positively associated with benefits such as immunity to shingles virus, reduction in inflammatory markers, decrease in fight or flight response, geriatric depression and chronic diseases in cancer survivors...TCC is easy to learn and particularly accessible to the aging population.  For the full Abstract and paper
Click here

​​Tai Chi Chih gives immune

system a boost

UCLA researchers conducted a 25 week study involving 112 healthy people whose average age was about 70. Their results showed that T cell activity levels of the Tai Chi Chih group rose significantly more than the control group.

Tai Chi Chih might have a strong effect on the immune system because it manages to bring exercise, relaxation, and meditation together in "one behavioral intervention," the researchers said. They theorized that tai chi enhances T cell activity by quieting the nervous system's "fight or flight" response, which can interfere with the immune system.

Additional Tai Chi Research Articles

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A Moving Meditation that can be Done by Anyone

T'ai Chi Chih's 19 gentle movements and one pose relax your body and quiet your mind. These simple movements strongly circulate and balance the Chi (Life Force) and cultivate good health, longevity, creativity and an internal center of peace from which to move with serenity in the midst of your busy daily life. Based on the same Yin-Yang principles as Tai Chi Chuan, this new form is much easier to learn yet raises the Chi very quickly and strongly. You can do this, regardless of your age or physical ability, just by adapting the movements to your comfortable range of motion. 

Other Benefits of T'ai Chi Chih:

• Relief of pain and stress
• Regulation of blood pressure
• Improved balance, circulation and stamina
• Stronger heart, lungs and bones
• Greater mental clarity and emotional balance
• Strengthened immune system

Taught by Pam Towne, Accredited Instructor and International Teacher Trainer. T'ai Chi Chih originator Justin Stone said "Pam is one of the best T'ai Chi Chih teachers in the world." Pam Towne has enthusiastic students throughout the U.S., Canada and Russia.


Tai Chi Chih is an ideal practice for these challenging times!

• Strengthens your immune system
• Provides easy, enjoyable movements to keep you MOVING
• Calms the amygdala of the brain to shift you out of "fight or flight" mode, calm     your emotions and relieve stress! 

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