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T'ai Chi Chih

            Movement Tip of the Week

Soften and relax your wrists.  Allow them to flex backward gently, opening the meridian channels in the wrists, thru which the Chi flows.   Try this on Rocking Motion: allow your fingers to trail behind the heels of your hands so the wrists are slightly flexed back.  See if you feel an increased flow of Chi in the hands.  Be sure NOT to bend the wrists forward, closing the meridian channels.

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A Moving Meditation that can be Done by Anyone

T'ai Chi Chih's 19 gentle movements and one pose relax your body and quiet your mind. These simple movements strongly circulate and balance the Chi (Life Force) and cultivate good health, longevity, creativity and an internal center of peace from which to move with serenity in the midst of your busy daily life. Based on the same Yin-Yang principles as Tai Chi Chuan, this new form is much easier to learn yet raises the Chi very quickly and strongly. You can do this, regardless of your age or physical ability, just by adapting the movements to your comfortable range of motion. 

Other Benefits of T'ai Chi Chih:

• Relief of pain and stress
• Regulation of blood pressure
• Improved balance, circulation and stamina
• Stronger heart, lungs and bones
• Greater mental clarity and emotional balance
• Strengthened immune system

Taught by Pam Towne, Accredited Instructor and International Teacher Trainer. T'ai Chi Chih originator Justin Stone said "Pam is one of the best T'ai Chi Chih teachers in the world." Pam Towne has enthusiastic students throughout the U.S., Canada and Russia.

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